Thu. May 6th, 2021

The clothing industry is massive with a stream of ever-growing trends. One of these innumerable trends is the hippy, classy, and iconic streetwear style. 

Pair the streetwear clothing with aviators, and it becomes a solid combination of sexiness and class. That’s not all! Streetwear includes the never-out-of-style shoes or boots as well. 

Streetwear is a pre-existing subculture that won’t fade anytime soon. It’s all thanks to its solid foundation and loyal customers that thirst over the growing culture.

Streetwear is a Lifestyle

Streetwear is a timeless lifestyle. In the start, it was the influence of the rebellious and artistic grit numerous people exuded. 

The hip-hop and skater streetwear culture gave birth to many self-expressive brands like Stussy and Bape. The elitists and limited edition lines called ‘drops’ dominate the modern-day, fourth-gen of streetwear clothing. 

Take Supreme’s limited edition drop as an example. The company collaborated with Louis Vuitton to release a signature clothing and accessories line. 

The company made $1 billion in valuations. These drops have developed a thriving ecosystem that has captured the younger digital customer. 

These exclusive collaborations have successfully increased various companies’ valuations and placed them right under the fashion radar.

Secondary Marketplace

Another factor that has contributed to streetwear’s success is the “last chance” exclusive drops for consumers. 

The customers who weren’t able to purchase these limited edition clothing and accessories line before get another chance to buy these products. 

Where ordinary trends try to gain fame and ultimately fail, this secondary market helps the streetwear trend grow despite its hefty price tag.


What drives streetwear even more popular are the special events and short-term shops in place. The Sneaker con and Complexcon are two significant global events and convention where attendees and vendors come to buy, sell, and trade special edition footwear. 

These events further promote the exclusive ideology, where numerous consumers get to purchase event-limited products while the others miss out on such a fantastic chance.

Streetwear: The Ever-lasting Trend

Just like other fashion accessories that won’t go out of style, trendy streetwear is here to stay. The stylish exclusive streetwear is way too appealing that one can’t stay away from it. The exclusive “drop” model has continued to generate revenue and will continue to do so for many more years to come. These events and scarcity have fired up the streetwear industry’s growth, which will continue for decades to come. 

By Danny

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