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It’s not always easy to motivate yourself to go to the gym! Sometimes it is just so difficult to find the energy and determination required to put your sports gear on and go to the gym. In this article you will find some excellent motivational strategies that will make you go willingly and not grudgingly!

First of all, you need to stop considering exercise as punishment for overeating or being out of shape. You need to stop stressing about weight loss, health issues, fitness and strength. You need to focus on enjoying the process! It is time to leave long term goals behind and focus on having fun during training today. And every day!

  1. Don’t limit physical activity in the gym

Training doesn’t have to happen at the gym. Physical activity should be part of your daily life. And that is the best way to make it a habit! Think about your daily routine and find opportunities for exercise as part of your daily schedule. Like walking the kids to school, or taking the stairs, or parking further away so you can take a walk before work. Make sure family time is enriched with physical activities that are fun for all.

  1. Treat exercise as a gift

Focus on the wonderful energised feeling you get after exercise and think about that. Consider this rejuvenating energy as a gift to yourself! Think about exercise and physical activity as a source of happiness and enjoy the process. Maybe you also enjoy meeting your friends and having a nice conversation with them after training.

  1. Set learning goals.

Very often people set performance goals, like training 5 times a week in order to lose weight. However, it is best to set learning goals that are linked to exploring and improving life. Goals that intrigue us and offer new knowledge and new insights are far easier to achieve in the long term. You could learn how to climb or how to swim like an athlete!

  1. Focus on your good mood after the exercise

Whether you exercise or not, it is probably an emotional decision. Not a rational one. Most of our decisions are based on our emotional state rather than objective facts. So, leave all excuses behind. Forget about ‘I am so tired!’, ‘I don’t have the energy’ etc. Ignore those lazy instincts and focus on those wonderful feelings that come after a great training session. Combine emotion –feeling good now– with logic –looking fab in bathing suit soon– and go to the gym now!

After a while exercise will be a feel-good habit that you cannot live without!

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