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Sunglasses, eyeglasses one pair is not enough. They elevate our style, lift our confidence and protect our eyes! Excellent! They are an affordable accessory with an immediate effect on our look. Find out all the top tips for choosing the right pair and don’t forget to check out the Carrera collection. Carrera glasses combine excellent quality with revolutionary design and make it so easy to invest in the perfect timeless pair. style photo Top tips revealed

  • When at the store, don’t just look at your face in the mirror. Find a full-length mirror, take a step back and look at our whole body. Pay attention to analogies and proportions. It is important to balance your image and choose glasses that coordinate with your overall appearance. Coordinate your style from top to bottom.
  • If you are lucky enough to have strong beautiful cheekbones, make sure you don’t hide them. It is a shame to keep such an attractive feature behind glass! Choose a style that showcases your bone structure like the Carrera Glory model.
  • General rule: The best shape for you is the one that is in contrast to your face. For example, if your face is long, go for oval or D-shaped glasses that will even things out. Similarly avoid round frames if you have a round face. Go for oval or cat-shape! It will look spectacular!
  • In case you are still unsure about the most appropriate shape choose oval. Oval shaped frames suit most faces. So, does the all-time classic aviator style!
  • Remember your health as well. Make sure you check the specification of your glasses regarding protection from the sun and/or protection from the blue light of the screens. Reputable firms like Carrera offer beautiful stylish designs with maximum protection.
  • If you need prescription lenses for your sunglasses make sure the lenses of the particular model can be replaced with prescription ones. As always, we aim for beauty, style and practicality.

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  • Remember that green lenses filter light in a uniform way and don’t distort colours and images. Make sure you put your trust in a reputable firm like Carrera and enjoy your look and the scenery!
  • Avoid cheap eyeglasses and sunglasses as they might put your eyesight at risk. Go for quality both in the design and the manufacturing of the lenses. Carrera offer lenses with 100% UV protection.
  • Be wary of pink, purple, yellow or light blue lenses. They can diminish your colour sensation and their use is not advisable. Especially not when driving.

Those are the top tips to keep in mind when it’s time for a new pair. Don’t rush this choice as it will be on your face the whole time. Have fun and enjoy! And here is …

  • An extra tip! Don’t throw away your old glasses! Keep them somewhere safe. As you know fashion runs in circles, so you never know when this quirky pair will be hot again! I still get frustrated when I remember a timeless pair of Carrera sunglasses, I used to wear years ago. I keep looking for them, but in the meantime let’s find something new!

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